Sunday, June 8, 2014

Everyone is to blame

Enough of programming related posts. I felt like writing this post for a long time and here am I.

Without having much knowledge about the society and the environment, I entered the college. I saw students who blame their teachers, blame their college mark system, blame about the traffic in their city, blame about the reservation system, blame about the counseling system, blame about not getting sponsorship for an event, blame about the placement system, blame about their wrong friends, blame the leadership,  even blame about the entire nation. Of course I was one among them.

After getting out of college, I saw a bigger set of people. People blaming about the salary they get, blaming about petrol price, blaming caste system, blaming about the software industry, blaming about the politicians, blaming about IPL scam, blaming about the smokers in public places, blaming about the rapists, blaming about the terrorists, blaming about the corruption, blaming about the wrong police men, blaming about the rich persons, blaming about their previous generation people, blaming about their next generation people and this list never stops.

Everyone of us are bad people. Each and everyone of us who blame about all these things and doing nothing other than speaking about them are all bad people. You know that all these things are wrong but still accept that you can survive with all these things. Because you are a lazy coward to fight against them. If you can live with what you have, then you better stop blaming. You don't have any rights to blame on anything when you do nothing to fix it.