Friday, May 31, 2013

Why should one take part in programming contests?

This post is only for students who are interested in math, puzzle solving and programming.

Why do students avoid programming contests?

1) New to online learning
2) Afraid of problems
3) Feeling shy to see their name lower in the ranklist
4) Academics
5) Entertainment
6) Girlfriend 

Why should one take part in programming contests?

1) Its competitive and fun.
2) At the end of every contest, you learn to solve atleast one new problem.
3) Finish laboratory exams quicker. 
4) The preliminary written tests in symposiums are equialent to the interview questions. More you take part, more likely you will crack the interviews.
5) You can turn any idea into a code.
6) You can be the first one to bring India a gold medal in ACM ICPC, the world's biggest programming contest.
7) You will take efficient and right decisions in your real life.

Don't do it for money. Do it only if you have the passion
The path to success is not just MARKS -> GRADES -> GPA -> INTERNS -> JOBS -> MONEY -> MARRIAGE. You have to aim higher.


  1. Good one da especially the 6th point. The reason why i feel shy to participate in the Programming contests is some friend sees my code and make fun of me especially you.