Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to apply for companies (off-campus)

Most of the college students don't know how to attract the HR in their first mail. They used to send  "I'm the best candidate for your company. You cannot find any other candidate like me." and all.. This kind of applications will never receive any response. Your application should contain catchy and simple words which should attract the HR.

Here is an example.

I'm very much interested in doing an internship at Garage games. Is there a position available to work? If there is any such possibility then you can check out my resume I've attached. I assure you that you will find my profile highly competitive and I would be suitable candidate for this. If I am granted an opportunity I will carry out my work with great enthusiasm.

"Application for software developer", "Application for game artist" are some good subjects for your application.

This was suggested by one of my seniors 4 years back in his blog. I'd like to share the same as this may help some of my juniors.