Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I hate my Educational system?

I have few questions to those who designed the educational system..

No one is perfect so am I. Then why do you expect me to learn everything?

Ok I agree that my college has good professors. Everyone is specialized in certain fields. But Algorithm professor is not good at Multimedia systems. Wireless networks professor is not good at service oriented architecture. If they can choose what to teach, why can’t we choose what to learn?

Some students don’t like math from their childhood. Then why you insist mathematics in every semester?

Some students are very much good at designing. But you are insisting Service oriented architecture, Electronics devices and circuits to them. Why is it so?

Grade Point Average!!! What is it for? To judge a student that’s ok. How can you judge a student without knowing what is he capable of?

There are many sports players in our college. If they are not insisted with all these Engineering subjects they can even be an Olympic winner. Now you can ask then why they took Engineering. These students want Engineering as an extra knowledge. But your GPA system makes him his most loveable sport as his extra-curricular activity. Why your college system restricts student’s interest?

Why do the student who wins at National level Robotics competition gets an arrear in his “Applied thermodynamics” subject?

Why do half of the mechanical engineers get placed at IT industries? (I do have proof http://www.annauniv.edu/dme/index.asp)

Why don’t Google and Microsoft hire people with the qualification of GPA?

Ok.. Now you are about to ask do I have a solution?

Yes. I have few suggestions.

*If students can choose the subjects what he/she is interested in

*If students can learn whatever they like

*If professors acts as friends (very few are)

*If professors teach engineering and not the definitions in the text books

*If there are no written assignments and lab records

*If GPA is awarded based on practical applications

*If Professors support the student’s idea and creativity

*If HOD trusts the student

*If Laboratory hours are more than lecture hours

*If universities won't restrict the students to attend placements because of GPA lacking

If all these changes happen I like your educational system

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