Thursday, December 15, 2011

CEG Birds

Main canteen, WIFI tree, Chemistry dept, SNH, Gallery, Thiruvalluvar statue, Gurunath stores, Mech dept..

wait.. by now you must get the connection between these places. These places are over populated only at un-peak hours. Yes, these are the best places for the birds to put kadalai. These birds usually occupy these places as fast as possible because these places are alloted in first come first serve manner.

Knowingly or unknowingly the girl bird will always arrive before the boy bird. So the boy bird should ask sorry everytime. As a punishment that innocent boy bird has to spend for whatever that girl bird eats.

I seriously still can't figure out what a boy bird and girl bird can speak for 4 hours continuously. As far as I know there are only stuffs like movies, songs, studies and food which are common between these birds. I think those birds discuss about politics, Indian economy, India 2020 and Global warming. Even Abdulkalam can't talk 4 hours continuously.

Starting at 7AM in the morning other than class hours till 2AM these birds discuss over phone seriously. They start with questions like "ate huh? what ate?.. oh.. I ate briyani, chicken in our mess :P " which continues as "Our mess food is the worst food. Lets go out somewhere for dinner" and so on. Then suddenly the girl bird starts to tell some great stories which the boy bird don't even cares. Bored of it, the boy bird again starts to discuss about F1 race, Horse race and all and that girl bird gets bored. So both of these birds got bored and by now they must cut the line. But they won't. They look around what's around them and start talking about it. In most cases, the boy bird's room mate acts as an object for those birds to discuss and lollifying. Dei itha mattum niruthungadaaa please :@ :@


  1. hw do you kno abt the birds' convos... prev experience being a bird uh? ;P

  2. No da. My room mate is that culprit bird

  3. "As a punishment that innocent boy bird has to spend for whatever that girl bird eats" - innocentboy2 bird? :P