Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who is Pandu?

How dare you call me a pandu payyan? Do you know how much I get affected when you call me as Pandu? Every time you call me as Pandu I had to reply that "I'm not pandu as you. You only did this and this. You only got this much marks in these subjects" Hearing it you get angry and again shout at me and this leads to 15 minutes waste for both of us. When I was in school no one called me as Pandu. That's y I got good marks and came to this college. Now you are suddenly calling me as Pandu. You are telling that you are very Geth if I go to theaters, beach, Express Avenue, City center, KFC. You are calling me that i'm Maaas if I bunk classes. If I learn something outside the book you are calling me as stupid Nerd, idiot and all. So what else I can do. I've to change according to you. I then started bunking classes. Then I started playing Multi-player LAN games in hostel for hours and hours, nights and days. Then I started sleeping in class. So I couldn't take notes during class. All the teachers getting angry on me shouted at me. So I got angry on them and I started hating them. So I lost the interest of attending classes. I felt "Why the hell I chose Engineering!". So then it was Attendance lack. You are simply telling me as pandu payyan and you are going and doing your work correctly. You study at exam times and enjoy at other times. Who is getting affected? Appavi like me. You are usupething your friend as Geth, Maas and all. Finally I get arrear. Then you are telling that 'you are a stupid', 'you have to study at exam time' and all. Again some people are telling that you got a 'CUP' nu. Did I got a WORLD CUP? Still some of you are asking me treat for getting cup. Is this what you do for your friend? Won't it spoil my future? So reason behind all these is calling as Pandu payyan. Plz remove this word from college dictionary and don't call anyone as Pandu. Save appavis like me.

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