Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Educational System in India

My parents joined me LKG in Linga school at the age of 1.5 not because i'm matured but because they can't tolerate me at home. Teachers taught the song abcd efg hijk lmnop qrst uvw xyz na na na nana! But as a kid I preferred playing than learning. I liked kitchen sets, cars, aeroplanes etc., I used to play hide and seek with some akkas and annas. I enjoyed playing Tank and Tetris in hand video game. Later I liked the video games Contra, Super mario and Bomber man. I was in IInd standard and I was asked to write 9th table i wrote it so fast
1x9 = 09
2 x 9 = (0+1)(9-1)= 18
3x9 = (1+1)(8-1) = 27
and so on..
But everyone said that I should not do like that. I questioned "Why?".
"what is 5x9?"
I was searching for a paper and pencil. But before that another boy said 9 tables in his mind( 1 nine is 9, 2 9's are 18, 3 9's are 27) and answered 45.
So I was forced to mug up 9 tables.
Then I reached my 4th standard. There were memory poems which I had to mug up. There were essays which I had to understand and mug up. So I learnt the story in my mother tongue and then mugged the essay. But while producing the Essay in examination, the story didn't come into my mind. Instead I was searching for a word for which I know the first letter of it. I hitted myself in my head to get that word. So I left that whole paragraph and continued from next paragraph. See how fool was I. Then I entered into the State Board syllabus for my 6th standard. I realized how to write stories in exam. But still I had to memorize the history, geography, formulas, poems and essays and I had no other option. Likewise I crossed 10th. As soon as I entered 11th I began just to read the book and started to write in my own mokka English. But still there was Definitions, Quotes, Theorems which I had to reproduce as what it was in Book. Though I know the exact working and the demonstration of a definition I got only 2/3 marks for writing it in my language and another boy who can't even explain what it represents got 3/3 since he reproduced the book matter. I heard that only if we score high marks, we can get seat at higher universities and colleges so that we can enter into the dream companies. So having no other option I had to reproduce the book matter till my 12th standard. I somehow entered into a great university in Tamil Nadu. Then I thought it'll be full of lab sessions, only creativity matters and there will be no need of reproducing book matters. But the School pattern continued in the first semester. Then I thought it'll be fine after entering the department. I produced my answers in my own words from the notes I took in class. Still I got only partial marks and those who reproduced from some book got full marks.

Now I feel "Enna vaazhka da ithu?"

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  1. Boo Hoo! The people who told you study well(I mean mug it up) so that you can get into supposedly "Higher Universities" needs to be kicked right on their arse,stripped and castrated. These people who claims themselves to know everything out there without evening knowing or having heard of it spoil the country. And also the entry to Dream Company??(Boy,I'm seriously laughing here) You should have asked them what dreams companies are and questioned them as to how it would matter to you. I suggest you read this post http://yuvi.in/blog/infosys-tcs-or-wipro-none/