Monday, May 9, 2011

Flashback: how i entered into IT @ CEG

while(i'm in 12th standard){

5.00 am: alarm rings
5.15 am: having a milkbun at Naveen bakery
5.30 am: Enter Chemistry tuition
7.30 am: Back to home
9.15 am: Prayer begins at school
9.30 am: Class begins
9.35 am: My entry inside the class
9.35 to 9.45am: Getting advice, punishments etc.,
4:30 pm: school time over
4.45 pm: Entering physics tuition
4.45-5pm : Stealing and eating nellikaai from the tree behind our physics tuition
5 pm: actually enter the tuition
6.30pm- 8 pm : fighting with my sister at home
8.00 pm: Maths tuition
11:00 pm: sleeping


wasted 1 month and 2000Rs. in TIME institute for AIEEE preparation

and finally result was announced
total: 1145

got centum in my most hatred subject Chemistry
got 199 as i expected in Maths
shocked on getting 177 in Tamil and 194 in physics

applied for Xerox

physics: 3 one words gone.. and one 3 mark gone...
the 3 mark i missed was Fleming's RHR. reason: missed the word "induced" asper the definition.
Tamil ayya saw my paper and forced me to apply for Re-evalution

applied re-evaluation for Tamil(spending 550Rs.) --? --> got mark +1. total: 1146
felt like wtf(actually i don't know this word at that time)!!

news: IT industry is in a sad situation.. Satyam employers got jobless..
Friends: Macha, IT eduthena un life spoil aayidum, paithiyame pudichirum
attended "aduthathu enna?" and "Vazhigaati" by DINAMALAR and DINATHANTHI
JayaPrakashGandhi: IT endunga sir, life nalla irukkum

Friends: dai chennai ku poi ketraatha.. girls laam modern dress la irupaanga :P
I(got happy and) replied: Naa unga friend da..

Came to Chennai first time for counselling:
Reached Egmore. Got into 23C. 1 hour bus travel.. I was sitting in a window seat and my mouth was opened "aaww".. All the streets were with higher buildings and i found no difference between one street and another street. The bus driver drove the bus like an auto. It was so smooth(Think of madurai buses and bumpy roads).

1200 people were in my equal rank(cutoff: 198). My call number : (closer to)900

Got into counselling hall: My bad luck. all the nearest seats are occupied and i went to the last row.
Option 1: MIT CSE (1 seat in waiting)
Option 2: CEG IT ( 30 seats available)
Option 3: MIT IT (all the seats available)

Option 1 got failed.. and i got Option 2.

Ithu thaanga nadanthathu..

I felt Anna University is a HEAVEN
Now only i realized Anna University's professors are YEMAN

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