Thursday, December 15, 2011

CEG Birds

Main canteen, WIFI tree, Chemistry dept, SNH, Gallery, Thiruvalluvar statue, Gurunath stores, Mech dept..

wait.. by now you must get the connection between these places. These places are over populated only at un-peak hours. Yes, these are the best places for the birds to put kadalai. These birds usually occupy these places as fast as possible because these places are alloted in first come first serve manner.

Knowingly or unknowingly the girl bird will always arrive before the boy bird. So the boy bird should ask sorry everytime. As a punishment that innocent boy bird has to spend for whatever that girl bird eats.

I seriously still can't figure out what a boy bird and girl bird can speak for 4 hours continuously. As far as I know there are only stuffs like movies, songs, studies and food which are common between these birds. I think those birds discuss about politics, Indian economy, India 2020 and Global warming. Even Abdulkalam can't talk 4 hours continuously.

Starting at 7AM in the morning other than class hours till 2AM these birds discuss over phone seriously. They start with questions like "ate huh? what ate?.. oh.. I ate briyani, chicken in our mess :P " which continues as "Our mess food is the worst food. Lets go out somewhere for dinner" and so on. Then suddenly the girl bird starts to tell some great stories which the boy bird don't even cares. Bored of it, the boy bird again starts to discuss about F1 race, Horse race and all and that girl bird gets bored. So both of these birds got bored and by now they must cut the line. But they won't. They look around what's around them and start talking about it. In most cases, the boy bird's room mate acts as an object for those birds to discuss and lollifying. Dei itha mattum niruthungadaaa please :@ :@

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to get started with topcoder algorithm competitions?

Requirements :

You need the experience of solving 2 problems in any online judge (like Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ), Lightoj, Codeforces) in any programming language of your choice. That will give you an idea about how are your programs tested online. After getting some idea about how online judge works, you can very well start with TOPCODER.

Getting into Topcoder Arena :

1) Register at TopCoder and login.
2) Download this applet :
3) If that file appears as a Java icon, you do have JavaWebStart. Skip to step 6.
4) If you don't have Java web start (which means you don't have a file named javaws in your Java bin directory) you have to download it from
5) If you still don't see the Java icon, just right click->open with-> choose the location of bin/javaws in your disk
6) Just open that file. It will download some updates and start the applet.
7) You are done! You can now practice or participate or whatever you want!

You can know the timings of SRMs at Topcoder events calendar.

More about SRM :

Topcoders are divided based on their rating as Grey coders(Beginners), Green coders, Blue coders, Yellow coders and Red coders(PRO's). Coders are divided into two categories Division 1(where Red, Yellow and Blue coders compete) and Division 2(where Grey and Green coders compete). You can register for an SRM from 3 hours before the contest time to 5.01 minutes before the contest time. There are two phases in an SRM
1) coding phase 2) challenging phase. More explanation can be seen here.

Your base rating is 1200. Your rating changes according to your performance in SRMs.
You can get a complete idea of rating by looking at these graphs

You can see your graph by typing the username/handle in the left bottom of page

Hope this post helps! Have a happy coding!

For more..

Monday, December 5, 2011

Odd vs Even semesters at CEG

Odd semester Life

  • is when you get more number of treats and birthday bumps
  • is when you feel Saturdays and Sundays are boredom
  • is when you sit opposite to Vivek audi from 8pm to 9pm
  • is when you feel mess food sucks
  • is when you start studying even before 2 days of exams
  • is when you refresh the homepage of facebook again and again for no reason
  • is when you admire at freshers enjoyment at AGNI
  • is when you spend most of the time on FIFA, Counterstrikers or DotA
  • is when you crave for next semester

Even semester Life

  • is when you never sleep before 1AM
  • is when you spend more money for Egg briyani and Egg dosa
  • is when you think Techofes + Kurukshetra > 10.0 GPA
  • is when you stare at your crush came in saree
  • is when you feel Educational system sucks
  • is when you sleep frequently at boring hours
  • is when you get more number of OD's & proxy attendances
  • is when you download benchmate notes for last night preparation
  • is when you get closer to many seniors and juniors
  • is when you work in a team with unity
  • is when you dream as you are a hero every night

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Addiction to PC games

Dear girls.. if a guy pauses a video game just to text you back, marry him!

In my words the definition for addiction is a thing which gives entertainment without which one can't eat, can't sleep, can't relax, can't enjoy and so on. Such a thing for me was the World of Warcraft III, The Frozen Throne.

To the people who laughs at me playing this game..

Warcraft III is

The game is not just a war game. Then what you learn from this game?

  • Positive attitude
  • Team work
  • Co-ordination
  • Sacrifice
  • Timely action
  • Never to give up
When you play this game
  • you forget where you are
  • you forget all the things happened in the real world.. everything!!
After playing it
  • you feel relaxed
  • you get back to whatever your job is with full of interest

Now some of you are thinking to say that this is not the only game with which we can get all these entertainment.

Blizzard entertainment answers to this:

Twelve Million people can't be wrong. Try it!

Some of you are gonna leave reading this and I know it. So I conclude this with what I think of game addiction.

If you are addicted to PC games, you will experience a great difference in your life. You start not to worry about anything around you like your dreams, your job, your family, your friends, your school, your college.. you will be slowed down and never think of what the time is, what the day is. If you experience any of the above symptoms don't touch your PC for a week. For the first two days it seems very hard without it. But you'll realize what you really missed in the real world. There are lot of funs and entertainments in the real-world rather than PC games. So shut the **** up! I'm quitting WARCRAFT III!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who is Pandu?

How dare you call me a pandu payyan? Do you know how much I get affected when you call me as Pandu? Every time you call me as Pandu I had to reply that "I'm not pandu as you. You only did this and this. You only got this much marks in these subjects" Hearing it you get angry and again shout at me and this leads to 15 minutes waste for both of us. When I was in school no one called me as Pandu. That's y I got good marks and came to this college. Now you are suddenly calling me as Pandu. You are telling that you are very Geth if I go to theaters, beach, Express Avenue, City center, KFC. You are calling me that i'm Maaas if I bunk classes. If I learn something outside the book you are calling me as stupid Nerd, idiot and all. So what else I can do. I've to change according to you. I then started bunking classes. Then I started playing Multi-player LAN games in hostel for hours and hours, nights and days. Then I started sleeping in class. So I couldn't take notes during class. All the teachers getting angry on me shouted at me. So I got angry on them and I started hating them. So I lost the interest of attending classes. I felt "Why the hell I chose Engineering!". So then it was Attendance lack. You are simply telling me as pandu payyan and you are going and doing your work correctly. You study at exam times and enjoy at other times. Who is getting affected? Appavi like me. You are usupething your friend as Geth, Maas and all. Finally I get arrear. Then you are telling that 'you are a stupid', 'you have to study at exam time' and all. Again some people are telling that you got a 'CUP' nu. Did I got a WORLD CUP? Still some of you are asking me treat for getting cup. Is this what you do for your friend? Won't it spoil my future? So reason behind all these is calling as Pandu payyan. Plz remove this word from college dictionary and don't call anyone as Pandu. Save appavis like me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Educational System in India

My parents joined me LKG in Linga school at the age of 1.5 not because i'm matured but because they can't tolerate me at home. Teachers taught the song abcd efg hijk lmnop qrst uvw xyz na na na nana! But as a kid I preferred playing than learning. I liked kitchen sets, cars, aeroplanes etc., I used to play hide and seek with some akkas and annas. I enjoyed playing Tank and Tetris in hand video game. Later I liked the video games Contra, Super mario and Bomber man. I was in IInd standard and I was asked to write 9th table i wrote it so fast
1x9 = 09
2 x 9 = (0+1)(9-1)= 18
3x9 = (1+1)(8-1) = 27
and so on..
But everyone said that I should not do like that. I questioned "Why?".
"what is 5x9?"
I was searching for a paper and pencil. But before that another boy said 9 tables in his mind( 1 nine is 9, 2 9's are 18, 3 9's are 27) and answered 45.
So I was forced to mug up 9 tables.
Then I reached my 4th standard. There were memory poems which I had to mug up. There were essays which I had to understand and mug up. So I learnt the story in my mother tongue and then mugged the essay. But while producing the Essay in examination, the story didn't come into my mind. Instead I was searching for a word for which I know the first letter of it. I hitted myself in my head to get that word. So I left that whole paragraph and continued from next paragraph. See how fool was I. Then I entered into the State Board syllabus for my 6th standard. I realized how to write stories in exam. But still I had to memorize the history, geography, formulas, poems and essays and I had no other option. Likewise I crossed 10th. As soon as I entered 11th I began just to read the book and started to write in my own mokka English. But still there was Definitions, Quotes, Theorems which I had to reproduce as what it was in Book. Though I know the exact working and the demonstration of a definition I got only 2/3 marks for writing it in my language and another boy who can't even explain what it represents got 3/3 since he reproduced the book matter. I heard that only if we score high marks, we can get seat at higher universities and colleges so that we can enter into the dream companies. So having no other option I had to reproduce the book matter till my 12th standard. I somehow entered into a great university in Tamil Nadu. Then I thought it'll be full of lab sessions, only creativity matters and there will be no need of reproducing book matters. But the School pattern continued in the first semester. Then I thought it'll be fine after entering the department. I produced my answers in my own words from the notes I took in class. Still I got only partial marks and those who reproduced from some book got full marks.

Now I feel "Enna vaazhka da ithu?"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flashback: how i entered into IT @ CEG

while(i'm in 12th standard){

5.00 am: alarm rings
5.15 am: having a milkbun at Naveen bakery
5.30 am: Enter Chemistry tuition
7.30 am: Back to home
9.15 am: Prayer begins at school
9.30 am: Class begins
9.35 am: My entry inside the class
9.35 to 9.45am: Getting advice, punishments etc.,
4:30 pm: school time over
4.45 pm: Entering physics tuition
4.45-5pm : Stealing and eating nellikaai from the tree behind our physics tuition
5 pm: actually enter the tuition
6.30pm- 8 pm : fighting with my sister at home
8.00 pm: Maths tuition
11:00 pm: sleeping


wasted 1 month and 2000Rs. in TIME institute for AIEEE preparation

and finally result was announced
total: 1145

got centum in my most hatred subject Chemistry
got 199 as i expected in Maths
shocked on getting 177 in Tamil and 194 in physics

applied for Xerox

physics: 3 one words gone.. and one 3 mark gone...
the 3 mark i missed was Fleming's RHR. reason: missed the word "induced" asper the definition.
Tamil ayya saw my paper and forced me to apply for Re-evalution

applied re-evaluation for Tamil(spending 550Rs.) --? --> got mark +1. total: 1146
felt like wtf(actually i don't know this word at that time)!!

news: IT industry is in a sad situation.. Satyam employers got jobless..
Friends: Macha, IT eduthena un life spoil aayidum, paithiyame pudichirum
attended "aduthathu enna?" and "Vazhigaati" by DINAMALAR and DINATHANTHI
JayaPrakashGandhi: IT endunga sir, life nalla irukkum

Friends: dai chennai ku poi ketraatha.. girls laam modern dress la irupaanga :P
I(got happy and) replied: Naa unga friend da..

Came to Chennai first time for counselling:
Reached Egmore. Got into 23C. 1 hour bus travel.. I was sitting in a window seat and my mouth was opened "aaww".. All the streets were with higher buildings and i found no difference between one street and another street. The bus driver drove the bus like an auto. It was so smooth(Think of madurai buses and bumpy roads).

1200 people were in my equal rank(cutoff: 198). My call number : (closer to)900

Got into counselling hall: My bad luck. all the nearest seats are occupied and i went to the last row.
Option 1: MIT CSE (1 seat in waiting)
Option 2: CEG IT ( 30 seats available)
Option 3: MIT IT (all the seats available)

Option 1 got failed.. and i got Option 2.

Ithu thaanga nadanthathu..

I felt Anna University is a HEAVEN
Now only i realized Anna University's professors are YEMAN